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Agricultural Projects*
Grantee Project Purpose Location(s) Beneficiaries Funding Timeline
CIMMYT Drought-Tolerant Maize for Africa This program develops improved maize germplasm which will increase average maizeproductivity under drought conditions. DTMA identifies new drought-tolerant sourcesand develops molecular markers for DT genes. In conjunction with B&MGF, the projecttargets the smallholder farmer population. Angola
30,000,000 $1,585,891 Oct/2007
4 Years
International Institute for Environmental Development (IIED) Securing Pastoralism in East and West Africa This project improved pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihoods by securing livestockmobility at local, regional and national levels. It was designed and implementedat an affordable level with replicable tools and approaches to be used by localcommunities, governments and herders to address the differences in power, knowledgeand understanding that currently impede policies and institutions. Chad
TBD $461,183 Nov/2007
1 Year
International Rescue Committee No-Till Farming Field Study This pilot project includes a study to assess the potential for no-till farmingtechniques as a means of creating sustainable, environmentally sound, economicallyviable production in conflict-affected communities. Liberia TBD $349,840 Dec/2007
2 Years
CARE USA A Place to Grow This project develops a more thorough understanding of how HGBF and CARE can supportwomen and girls in taking key leadership roles in agriculture-related programs andachieving equal rights in agriculture development. It identifies the best practicesin gender and agriculture in the field and develops and tests practical tools forimproving program design, implementation, measurement, documentation, learning andreplication. Africa
Central America
150,000 $320,148 Dec/2007
2 Years
United Nations World Food Programme Purchase for Progress This initiative leverages food-assistance programs in support of smallholder farmerswith innovations in food procurement and market development. The focus is to improveincome and provide incentives for increased production for local purchase. Guatemala
Sierra Leone
1,500,000 $7,000,000 Dec/2007
2 Years
United Nations World Food Programme Local Production of Maize for Vitacereal This project improved local maize production. It offered Guatemalan farmers andWFP the opportunity to improve the procurement process and work with local producersto use local production in a cost-efficient manner. It also linked smallholder localfarmers with industrial processors. Guatemala 960 $469,700 Dec/2007
1 Year
Catholic Relief Services FUMDEC This project for women expands the network of agricultural producers, agriculture-orientedentrepreneurs and marketing co-ops by expanding and diversifying conservation farmingof staple crops, vegetables and small farm animal production. It improves food securityand family income, focusing on low-tillage farming technology, soil conservationand water conservation techniques. Nicaragua 19,000 $235,665 Dec/2007
2 Years
Indiana Institute for Global Health, Inc. AMPATH Greenhouses This project constructs greenhouses on a demonstration farm in Eldoret, where subsistencefarmers are learning various agricultural development techniques to improve theircrops and yields. Kenya 30,000 $28,412 Apr/2008
1 Year
Catholic Relief Services Agriculture Recovery Project This project is designed to promote IDP resettlement in Yamumbi, Kapteldon and Kipkenyothrough agriculture recovery subsidies. Violenceaffected farm families will be providedvouchers to procure maize seed, bean seed and fertilizer. Kenya 3,735 $265,000 Apr/2008
1 Year

*As of January 1, 2009.