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Established in 1999, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation’s (HGBF) primary mission is to improve the standard of living and quality of life for the world’s most impoverished and marginalized populations. Our focus is on international programs that operate in challenging environments, including areas with reasonable risk, where there is great need for our support. Our highest priorities are clean water delivery to vulnerable communities in Africa andCentral America and agricultural resource development for smallholder and subsistence farmers.

The Foundation’s second-tier funding includes nutrition-based programs, projects for refugees and internally displaced people, support for journalism-based projects primarily directed at student learning, and improved governance and programs in the local communities in which we operate.

The Foundation concentrates our resources on programs which have difficulty in attracting support because of the geographic location, perceived risks associated with the project or other challenges which create funding deficits.

•HGBF supports initiatives in difficult environments, particularly conflict and postconflict areas of the world.
•We seek opportunities where our funding is the driving force in achieving
•Our efforts are directed where success is less likely without our participation.
•Our future focus will be less on individual projects and more on identifying game-changing ideas.
•HGBF supports limited conservation initiatives based on historical relationships with over a decade of experience in very specific areas.
•The Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.
•We typically manage our funding to avoid distributions over multiple years.
•HGBF does not provide general operating support.
•December 31, 2045 has been set as the final dissolution of the Foundation’s assets.


Howard G. Buffett, President
Susan S. Bell
Nicolette de Bruyn
Devon G. Buffett
Trisha A. Cook
Erin M. Morgan
Michael D. Walter
Chelsea M. Zillmer