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Agricultural Projects*
Grantee Project Purpose Location(s) Beneficiaries Funding Timeline
World Vision Karite Shea Butter Crop Co-op This project improved the economic opportunities for women in the Mandoul regionof southern Chad. Women learned to manage shea nut tree crops by improving the harvestingof nuts and learning to separate the nuts into profitable by-products. The womenwere also trained in marketing and business skills. Chad 400 $50,000 Oct/2005
1 Year
World Vision Thlangano Food Security This project targeted areas of the Hluvuko and Tchemulane districts to provide adequatesupplies of food for families through improved crop varieties and improved chickenproduction. Mozambique 6,000 $25,000 Oct/2005
1 Year
Catholic Relief Services CEDICAM Greenhouse Project Through CEDICAM, an indigenous organization of the Mixtec people in the high mountainsof Oaxaca, a model project was created for families to band together to constructgreenhouses for year-round self-sufficiency in food, as well as earn cash incomethrough local market stall sales of the excess food. Mexico 150 $114,000 May 2006
1 Year
CARE USA Olima Wo Suka Conservation and Farming This project aims to increase crop yields and incomes of smallholder farmers insix districts of the Nampula province by introducing improved and sustainable soilfertility and water management systems. The project emphasizes participatory farmerresearch and will document the results to disseminate as lessons learned. Mozambique 33,750 $779,616 Aug/2006
3 Years
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Development of Virus-Resistant Sweet Potato Research is aimed at developing disease-resistant sweet potatoes with increasednutritional value. The goal is to develop technologies in sweet potato plants thatwill increase their resistance to two primary viruses and increase the levels offolates, iron and zinc in farmer-preferred varieties for East Africa. Africa TBD $3,310,965 Dec/2006
3 Years
CARE USA Conservation Agriculture This project assists subsistence farmers in the Bawku, East Mamprusi and Lawra districtsin Northern Ghana by developing improved agricultural production systems. This goalis accomplished through long-term sustainable management and conservation of soilsand natural resources based on a participatory technology development approach.Improved soil and water conservation methods will be developed, tested and promotedwithin existing community-based extension systems. The project facilitates stronglinks with relevant agricultural research institutes. Ghana 48,000 $1,599,400 Feb/2007
4 Years
Catholic Relief Services Small Footprint Farmers’ Network This farming network creates and expands the use of low-tillage conservation farmingwith reforested soils or high-quality soils that have been combined with low-cost,organic inputs. Revolving loan funds are offered to help with the production ofbasic grains, apples and coffee. This project also develops storage and transportunits and teaches communication skills, with the goal of assisting producers inselling directly to public and private markets. Mexico 23,000 $935,000 Apr/2007
3 Years
Indiana Institute for Global Health, Inc. Academic Model for Prevention and Treatment of HIV/ AIDS-AMPATH Farms This project was located in Eldoret. Our support provided food to the most vulnerableHIV patients and dependents by developing three demonstration farms that teach subsistencefarmers how to increase crop, poultry and dairy yields. These farms also employedHIV patients participating in the program. In 2008, the farms’ production was alsoused to supplement food rations for displaced populations as a result of the post-electionviolence. Kenya 30,000 $142,350 Apr/2007
1 Year
Catholic Relief Services United Hands (Manos Unidos) Cross Border Resolution This project develops a coalition of 30 farm leaders in Mexico and 15 in the create a nonprofit Independent Farm Worker Center. The objective is to expandmembership through problem resolution, offer credible notary services for legalborder crossings and provide workforce training in which growers will participateas faculty to encourage better productivity and strong work values. Mexico
United States
42,000 $225,000 Apr/2007
3 Years

*As of January 1, 2009.