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KSDK 5 St. Louis
View Howard’s interview on KSDK 5 St. Louis

Charlie Rose
10-16-2009 | View Howard’s interview on Charlie Rose
CNBC’s Squawk Box
10-16-2009 | View Howard’s interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box – Recession’s Effects on Philanthropy, Developing WorldWGN 9
View Howard’s interview on WGN 9
9-23-2010 | Guest Opinion: What food riot abroad drove homeThe Furrow
03-2010 | Feeding A Fragile WorldBarron’s
11-30-2009 | The 25 Best Givers

Conservation Tillage Guide
11-01-2009 | Sharing No-Till Benefits Around the Globe
Wall Street Journal
06-27-2009 | A Buffett Turns to Farming in Africa
New York Times
10-24-2009 | From U.S. to Africa, With a Fortune and a Tractor

Omaha World Herald
Book Examines Plight of Poor

Photo District News Network
01-25-11 | Aftermath Project Offering $65,000 In Grants for Special Projects on Sahrawi People

World Food Programme
06-07-2010 | We Need to Connect Poor Farmers to Markets – Main Article | Full Interview
01-01-10 | Howard Buffett’s ‘Fragile’: Honest, Moral Beauty
10-22-2009 | John Maday

World Food Programme
10-16-2009 | Howard Buffett Publishes Portraits Of Human Fragility

The Daily Beast
10-13-2009 | Howard Buffett’s Food Fight

Farm Futures
10-1-2009 | Mike Wilson

Howard Buffett is Staying Offline – and Off the Beaten Path

The Daily Beast
10-16-2009 | Howard Buffett’s Philanthropic Journey

10-19-2009 | Global Giving – Travels With a Buffett

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